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Securities and Portfolio Management

Do you want to be that professional desirous of being a licensed practitioner in the financial industry. Fitz Ritson and Associates gives you cutting edge techniques and up to date financial business practices be be at the top of your game . This is the institution where all top performers hone their skills to stay in the game of SOUND WEALTH MANAGEMENT.

Portfolio Management

Do you want to improve your knowledge base in investment management and know the type of risks involved in investing in a local regional and global marketplace. Fitz Ritson and Associates is the Institution you are looking for to garner cutting edge techniques and knowledge base to perform and WIN!!!!!

Introductory Financial Analysis Programme

Do you want to improve your cognitive thinking to get in the game of sound financial analysis and improve your abilities to stay ahead of the game TARGET AUDIENCE All professionals in securities, banking and finance, credit unions, budget analysts and pension officers and professionals with a non financial background who need to interpret finance to do their jobs

Pension Fund Management Programme

Do you want to be at the top of your Pension Game to enhance your technical skills and comprehend the legal and administrative implications of Pension Fund Management TARGET AUDIENCE Administrators; Trustees; Human Resource Managers and support staff; Employee Benefit Officers; Investment Officers; Personnel who need to be licensed to sell pension instruments

The Asset Management Programme

Do you want to advance your technical skill sets in Asset Management and comprehend the underlying risk factors that impact on SOUND FUND MANAGEMENT to be aligned with Global Fund Management TARGET AUDIENCE - All practitioners in Finance and Securities who have had at least three years experience in the industry
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